How to use this site

This site can help you if you are looking to buy, sell, or trade textbooks.

-If you want to sell or trade your textbook, click “Place Ad” and you will be prompted to register for a free account.

-An verification email with a password will be sent to you so that you may log in.

-We recommend changing your password under “Edit Profile” once your account has been created.

-After you register, select the sub-category under the main category that your textbook falls under, and place your ad with the description and the price you would like to get for it.

-You can also put in the description of your ad “Will trade for: Principles of Accounting, Business Law, or Microeconomics” so that when people perform a search they can not only search for the book they are looking for, but they can see the price you are willing to accept as well as books that they have to trade in lieu of payment.

-If someone responds to your ad, you will be notified via email and you can communicate with them to negotiate the deal.

-This website currently does not accept payments or handle transactions between users. We are simply a way to connect students that have similar wants and needs. All negotiations and payments will be between users. We encourage all users to use discretion and safe practices when dealing with other people over the internet. We encourage all of our users to deal locally and face to face to avoid fraudulent activity or scams. Happy hunting!



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